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Shipping Questions:

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It depends. Submissions that fall under the points below have less chance of being taxed:

– Maximum $100 USD worth of products + shipping 

– Actual value of goods declared 

– Maximum 2 identical items in the same box 

– Shipping from Individual to Individual

According to RFB NORMATIVE INSTRUCTION No. 1737, OF SEPTEMBER 15, 2017, Art. 30., “The importation by individuals of goods intended for resale or to be submitted to the industrialization process is prohibited”, therefore, if the authority customs understand that the content of its import is intended for resale, may withhold the goods, apply fines and/or surcharge, in an arbitrary manner.


According to Decree-LAW No. 9,001, OF MARCH 16, 1995, imports with customs value (product value + shipping) up to one hundred US dollars may be exempt when the recipient is an individual.

But according to MF Ordinance No. 156, OF JUNE 24, 1999, imports with customs value up to fifty US dollars may be exempt when the recipient and the sender are natural persons.

If you believe that the taxation was improper, you can file a request for review of taxes on the Correios website within My Imports.


Yes. We ship any products that are not Prohibited Products and that are within the Maximum Weights, Measures and Values.


If any of the above restrictions are verified during a pre-shipment carton inspection, a US$15 fee will be charged for correction. See below for more details on inspection.


-Batteries which are not installed in the equipment; 


-Firearms and Accessories; 

-Jewelry in General; 

-Any type of paper money; 


-Perishable Foods; 

-Live animals; 



-Tobacco shop; 


-Merchandise for commercialization; 

-Combustion engines; 

-Pirate materials; 


-Obscene products.

Maximum Shipping Weight: 30Kg or 66lb

Maximum Measure Per Submission, which is greater than USPS: 

     -The longest side of the box, whether its width, length, or height, cannot be greater than 1 m or 39 inches. 

     -The sum total of the sides, that is, width + length + height, cannot be greater than 2 m / 78 inches. 

     -The circumference (girth) + length (longest side of the box) cannot be greater than 3.3m / 130 inches (USPS accepts a maximum of 108 inches).

Minimum Measure per Submission: The box must be the size of a label  16cm x 11cm (6.30in x 4.34in);

Maximum Shipping Value: $2,999.00 US Dollars.


Yes. W Express is authorized to transport perfume, however it is necessary that you specify the content exactly as perfume in order for the merchandise to be sorted and shipped properly.

There is an individual surcharge of $3 dollars for each perfume shipped.


-The total volume of perfume bottles per box is 1 liter. Example: 4 bottles of 250ml = 1 liter.

-The minimum size of the perfume box is 8x8x4 inches.


All boxes are subject to Physical Inspection (Box Opening), X-Ray Inspection and Drug Detection Test prior to shipment.

When a problem occurs during inspection, there is an operating cost to remove the box from the shipping area, return it to W Express, correct the declaration, separate the items, reissue the screening and store the box until the next shipment, in addition to pay for the inspection operation.

If the Shipper waives the shipment, it will be able to pick up a box from the W Express warehouse upon payment of the fee and within 5 business days after inspection.

If you choose to return the box to your address where the box was collected, in addition to the US$15 fee, return shipping will be charged to the Shipper’s address.


An extra fee of US$15 will be charged if caught, during the inspection of the box that:

-The content is incorrectly stated

-The box contains Prohibited Products

-The box has weights or dimensions over the limit

Insurance is optional. The customer can choose to include insurance for the Total Shipping Cost (values in US Dollars):

Total Value = Declared Content Value + Declared Shipping Value

Insurance cost 

-Total Value Up to $310: $3 per shipment 

-Total Value Above $310: 0.98% of the Total Shipping Value

When accessing your Account, the tracking number will appear in the Tracking Mail column after following the steps below:

  1. Receive your box
  2. Carry out weighing and measuring process
  3. Confirm payment
DELIVERY TIME: After 3 or 4 business days from the delivery of the box to W Express Miami, if there are no delays (see below), the tracking will appear on the Post Office website, and you will be able to follow the movement of your order. The total delivery time is 7 to 15 days.

DELAYS: Unforeseen logistical events can occur and extend the delivery period due to flight delays, high volume of imports at the time of commemorative dates, customs processes, the COVID-19 crisis, etc.

After 7 days of the shipment’s arrival in Brazil, if your shipment has not been updated and has the status Object forwarded, open a call at the Correios’ Ombudsman and send a message on the Correios’ Instagram account, they usually respond through social networks.

If the reason for the return is “The import of the object/content was not authorized by Organs inspection bodies” or similar, or the reason is the recipient’s failure to pay taxes within the Postal Service period, and if the object is not retained by the authorities, may return to W Express after the inspection agency releases the goods.

The return has an extra shipping cost, which will be calculated after releasing the box and informed to the sender, who can choose to pay the return shipping if it is in their interest to receive the box back.

Deadline: The return process depends on the release of the box and the logistical procedures of the carrier in Brazil, and it can take 3 to 6 months after release, and it may still suffer logistical delays.


If, for any of the reasons below, the Post Office is unable to deliver, the Post Office will return the box at the base of our carrier in São Paulo. You can request us to resend to the recipient again after the necessary clarifications and corrections.

  • Wrong or incomplete address
  • Postman did not find the address
  • Unanswered postman

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